Get Divorce Law Information In Columbus Ohio From A Local Attorney

If you need information on how to get a divorce, and you are in Columbus Ohio, you should talk to an attorney about getting this done. You can sit down with them and talk about what steps you need to take, or you could simply have them take care of everything for you. It’s difficult to handle divorce proceedings on your own if you have never done it before. It’s even worse when you are working with a spouse that is not cooperating. It can also be devastating for the kids, so the sooner that you get this over if you do have children, the better off everyone will be. Here are a few quick tips on how to get some information on divorce law for the state of Ohio, and then how you can find the right attorney.

Where To Find This Information

One of the best resources for this information is actually attorney websites. You will be able to go through what they have available. Most of these attorneys provide this because you will soon realize how difficult this could be to do by yourself, and that’s why you will need to use their services. Attorneys are actually very helpful when it comes to family law. They can make sure that the divorce goes through, and that issues such as child custody, alimony, child support and asset division can be done in record time.

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How To Select An Attorney That Might Be Able To Help You?

You can find an attorney that will be able to help you by searching through the different listings that you find on the web. You might also contact some lawyers that are in the Yellow Pages, but the information on them is actually quite limited. It’s only after you get to sit down with them and present your story that you will know if it’s the right attorney for this situation. It’s going to make it a lot easier for you to get through what might be one of the most terrible events of your life.

How Long Do These Events Actually Last?

These events are probably going to last for a couple weeks. It has to do with preparing the documentation, setting the court date, and then presenting the case before the judge. If the judge has to see further evidence, it could push it out even further, prolonging it for several months. Once it is over, however, you will be glad that the judge was there to make decisions that would not have been possible either way. Additionally, it’s good to have a lawyer working with you so that you can feel confident that it will be resolved in a fair manner.

If you haven’t been able to find an attorney, you ought to consider working with one of them right away. There is no need to prolong the inevitable, especially if the only reason you can’t complete your seperation is the other person. When it comes down to it, the judge is going to finalize everything if no one can come to an agreement. That’s the beauty of going before the court. Even if the other person doesn’t like it, it doesn’t matter, because everything will be decided by the judge. Just make sure that you find a competent attorney to help you if this is a situation that you really cannot handle on your own.

How To Find The Best Divorce Lawyers Columbus Ohio

A divorce is the last thing that many people wish to go through. The divorce takes more than just your family, kids, wife/husband; it breaks you from the inside making it almost impossible to love again. Unless it is absolutely necessary, always try to work your differences before resolving to call it quits. If you however have tried everything but nothing seems to change, it would then be advisable to hire the best divorce lawyers you can find in Columbus Ohio. This is partly because the other person will probably do the same.  It is also important that you hire a capable attorney particularly if there are children involved in the equation.

Look for Best Divorce Attorney

Finding a good divorce attorney isn’t an easy task. You may need some help and even research about the lawyer before settling for one. While you may get referrals from friend and family that care, you always have the last say on this. Whatever referrals you get, make a list of potential candidates then start searching online for more. Take some time to review each candidate’s qualifications and credentials before contacting them.  This should help eliminate most of the attorneys leaving you with the most experienced and promising ones.


Take an Appointment on Time

With the short list of candidates, contact each one for an appointment and have a one on one sitting with them. In addition to confirming their licensure and other paperwork, take some time to discuss the possibilities with the attorney. You could also ask him/her the way forward to see if it fits your needs and preferences. In addition to interviewing the candidates, discuss legal fees involved in the process as well. Some of the best divorce lawyers in Columbus agree to work on a contingency or get paid once the case is over. The main idea is to give you peace of mind to tackle other pressing matters without worrying about legal representation.

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Attorney

A real estate attorney is a professional in the field of law that specializes in the legal aspects of real estate transactions. You should never overlook the importance of hiring a real estate lawyer even though you might not be legally obligated to hire one in some states. Here are the top 3 reasons why you need the services of a real estate lawyer.

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1. Protecting Your Rights

While you might have some understanding of your legal rights in real estate transaction, a real estate lawyer is better qualified. The lawyer understands the law well and will ensure that your rights are always protected. This will give you peace of mind knowing that someone is fighting for you if things go wrong.

2. Real Estate Lawyers Understand Property Law

Real estate lawyers know all the title searches that should be performed to make sure that the seller of the property has the legal mandate to do so. They also know about all the legal documentation that should be collected, signed, completed, and submitted. Many people find this to be a massive undertaking that you never have to get involved with if you are hiring a lawyer.

3. Representation at Settlement

A real estate lawyer will be present at settlement to help you understand the various documents that you will be required to sign. If you are a property buyer, the real estate lawyer will make sure that the title has no errors that could cause unnecessary complications when the time for selling your property comes.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to either buy or sell property or looking for best Cincinnati Real Estate Deals, you need to hire a real estate attorney. As this article has shown, real estate lawyers play an important role in the property transfer process and it is always to hire one to guide you through it all.

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When Is It Time To Get Tax Help

Why You May Need A Tax Attorney

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service is never a delight, and this is particularly the case to those with little or no idea of what taxation involves. If you fall into that category, you may want to use a professional, and naturally, the tax attorney is the most capable person of offering tax assistance.


Benefits of hiring a professional

The benefits of using a tax lawyer are many. To start with, a tax attorney has specialized knowledge on tax rules and regulations. The also have the necessary expertise to deal with the IRS and the people that may be involved. Regardless of the complexity of your tax issue, they can simplify it and come up with various solutions of the same.

Save time and money

Also, using a tax lawyer is quite cost efficient. They know what to avoid and the best options for your case. Therefore, mistakes are minimized. Also, a competent tax attorney is aware of all the advantages you can avail, and so, the tax costs can be reduced. This is far more beneficial than simply using a tax computer application. While tax programs may be simple and straightforward, there’s a huge room for error as they are not designed to suit your specific needs and situations.

Tax relief

Get protection and relief

Also, when the IRS decides to conduct an audit, having a lawyer by your side will give you added security. As you may not be familiar with most rules and regulations, you might reveal something incriminating unknowingly. Response to intimidation can also make you admit to mistakes, while in reality, there are no errors, or there’s a valid explanation for the issues that have been raised. A tax attorney, on the other hand, will prevent you from disclosing information that may hurt you, or give a justification for issues the IRS may rise.

Divorce Mediation Attorney In Columbus

Importance of Having a Divorce Mediation Attorney In Columbus

A law firm provides people with the opportunity to access lawyers who can give them guidance about their legal rights. Lawyers also provide representation during cases where their professional legal input is required. A law firm constitutes skilled and experienced attorneys who have the responsibility of giving their Columbus the legal advice they need and ensure that they get the best outcome in line with protecting their legal rights.

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Alimony attorneys serve as a vital resource in the challenging area of spousal support. Alimony is typically a highly emotive area of the law that involves spouses trying to work their way around a divorce verdict. Maintenance focuses on giving a husband the financial assistance that is necessary for him or her to move on from the marriage and be financially independent. Alimony attorneys are acutely aware of this aspect the law and the issues that influence the issue of spousal support. Various factors need to be considered in the process of determining what kind of payments can be made. – Learn More

When people make the decision to end their marriage they face the challenge of commencing new lives. In such situations, the aim is to try and resolve the issue as amicably as possible. Divorce attorneys have the responsibility of helping people find amicable solutions based on what the law stipulates. It is important to be well represented by divorce attorneys who have ample experience when it comes to handling divorce cases. The attorney needs to be readily available to address the client’s concerns and provide the support that is required for the duration of the case. Individuals need to think carefully about their decision regarding the attorneys they hire for their divorce cases.

For amicable solutions to be sought, each spouse is expected to hire an attorney who will take their interests into consideration and strive to achieve the best outcome. A divorce litigation family attorney is essential in instances where a couple that wants to get divorced is unable to settle on the terms that will guide the end of their marriage. With litigation, each party is concerned about their interests and the divorce litigation family attorney advocates for these interests.

Litigation typically begins with petitioning for a divorce. This is the first step towards setting up a divorce case. It is advisable for the clients to be willing to find reasonable solutions and avoid long drawn out disputes by compromising with their spouses. Divorce mediation occurs at various stages of the litigation process. It involves negotiating divorce settlements. Spouses can collaborate with their attorneys to discuss the pending divorce issues. The mediation process is aimed at helping the spouses figure out what the best solutions for them may be.

Divorce mediation is a worthwhile consideration for anyone involved in trying to get a divorce. Family law attorneys are committed to giving their clients guidance and helping them navigate this particular area of the law. Hiring family law attorneys is the best way to get the desired results when dealing with a divorce case. Lawyer SEO is always ready to help spouses who seek professional legal help. Lawyer SEO is dependable and dedicated to all clients’ needs.

Hire a Good Lawyer For Your Business

When to hire a good lawyer for your business?

People think that hiring an attorney for their business is costly and unnecessary. However, hiring an attorney will help you in many ways like:

  • Structuring your business. This includes deciding whether you’ll choose to be a sole proprietor, in partnership, a corporation, or nonprofit. To fully understand what are the differences between these choices, guidance from a lawyer is very helpful and necessary. They will also help create and/or file the required documents for you.
  • Preparing or working out with a contract. They will advise you on what to do and will ensure that you won’t be entering a business deal which will put your business in peril.
  • Being investigated by the government or environmental groups. The investigation may be because of an employee or a costumer’s claim against you and your business, some tax issues, or environmental issues regarding your business’ waste disposal, etc. All of these are some of the problems that you may encounter while doing business. So hiring a good business lawyer can plan and help you deal with these issues. Hiring a tax attorney can help alleviate some stress as well.
  • Some of the specific services that lawyers will help you in your business are:
  • Supervise issues in franchising and handling regulatory compliance with the government.
  • File tax returns, licenses, and reports.
  • Take legal actions regarding pending and potential issues.
  • Oversee your business
  • Formulate your business’ policies and procedures
  • Create and prepare basic documents such as company’s bylaws and minutes of formal meetings.
  • Acquire or sell the company’s assets

How to find a good lawyer for your business?

First and foremost, find a good attorney for your business even before a problem arises. Treat him or her as one of the key persons in your company so when there’s a problem, you will be assured that you are represented by someone who knows your company well and by someone who will represent your best interests. This will also prevent time pressure and delays that will make the attorney’s work more difficult and more expensive. The following are some tips for finding a good lawyer for your business:

  • Ask your colleagues from the same industry for attorney referrals. Contact them and ask if they could recommend a lawyer who’s familiar with your needs. Try to ask those who have the same issues like yours so they can refer you to someone they have worked with.
  • Call the local office of the bar association or check their website. They will provide you with lists of attorneys or law firms in your local area who have the specialty in the industry your working in.
  • If you know a lawyer, ask him or her for referrals. The attorney you have worked with through other dealings might know someone who has a specialty regarding your business needs. This lawyer will know the reputation of their co-lawyers and will recommend those who can handle your case.

So at this point, you already have your candidate lawyers. Visit each of these lawyers website (nowadays, most of them have a website) to be able to get an idea of the lawyer’s areas of expertise.

Protecting Yourself From Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice is a term that describes negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, or breach of contract by an attorney that causes harm or abuse to his or her client. The following are just some of the most common legal malpractice claims according to the American Bar Association:

  • Failure to recognize and practice the law.
  • Planning error
  • Lacking or inadequate investigation
  • Failure of filing required documents
  • Fail to calendar
  • Failure to know deadlines
  • Procrastination
  • Failure to obtain client consent
  • Conflict of interest
  • Failure to follow instructions
  • Failure to react to calendar
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Error in record search
  • Clerical error
  • Improper withdrawal
  • Libel of slander
  • Civil rights violation
  • Tax consequences
  • Error in math
  • Lost file and document
  • Poor communication
  • Work Delegated to outsider

Knowing these things will actually guide you while doing legal services to your clients. It will also protect you and your firm from having a negative reputation and even prevent financial ruin. Recognizing these risks is the only way to lessen the chances of malpractice. So here are some few things to remember to protect yourself from legal malpractice claims:

  1. Have an engagement letter to define the legal relationship you have with your client. Be sure that it contains the following:
  • The description of the work to be performed
  • The specific services which will be the basis for fees
  • The actions to be taken if charged fees are not paid
  • Limitations of work (services that will not be performed)
  • Dispute resolution procedures
  • Limitation on liability
  1. Do not accept clients who cannot afford your legal services.
  1. As a firm, have an office-wide calendar system that contains the following to avoid missing deadlines:
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Having multiple backups in case of disasters
  • Crosschecked the master calendar and backup calendars to correct errors
  • Being reviewed regularly
  • Having an activity log to track who made entries
  1. Have a careful and precise research. Take time to study new developments in the law and continue to check files to ensure that newly enacted statutes do not affect (or affect) your clients’ positions and rights
  1. You must establish strict and precise procedures to identify and resolve unexpected conflicts of interest. You should be cautious of situations like:
  • Representation of two opposing parties
  • Representation of opposing theories of law
  • Involvement in a client’s business interest
  • Being an officer of a client’s company
  1. You should confirm the accuracy and content of all documents such as letters, contracts, and motions. More than one person should also cross-check it. Furthermore, have a good file management that includes logging of documents, daily filing, and reviewing. It is also advantageous to make use of technology to easily store, backup, secure, and retrieve files.
  1. Be realistic in setting up your quality control process and be sure that you can follow this process to avoid claims of negligence.

If problems arise in the process, be sure to advise the client on practical ways to minimize the impact of the issue. Focus on the solution rather than pointing fingers at others.

The Importance of Legal Defense When Charged With a DUI or Other Crime

Legal defense is an attempt to avoid criminal or civil liability. Criminal or civil liability can be classified into four major categories namely personal crimes, property crimes, inchoate crimes, and statutory crimes.

  • Personal Crimes– these are the kinds of crime where someone offenses against another person. This usually results in physical or mental harm like:
    • Kidnapping
    • Homicide
    • Assault
    • Battery
    • Sexual assault such as rape, child molestation, and sexual harassment and threats.
  • Property Crimes– these are the kinds of crimes that interferes with other person’s rights to make use or enjoy their property. Some examples are:
    • Arson
    • Embezzlement
    • Forgery
    • False pretense
    • Robbery
    • Larceny
    • Possession of stolen goods
    • Shoplifting
  • Inchoate Crimes– these are the kinds of crimes that have begun, but not completed. These include:
    • Solicitation
    • Conspiracy
    • Attempt
  • Statutory Crimes– these are the kinds of crimes that violates the state or federal statutes. This can result to either property offenses or personal offenses like:
    • Selling alcohol to minor
    • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
    • Public Intoxication
    • Underage and Boating DUI
    • Open container violations

If you are facing any of these crimes, no matter what level of seriousness it has, it is important to contact or hire a criminal defense attorney. Criminal defense attorneys specialize in the defense of a person or a company who is charged with criminal activities. And he or she will be in charge of:

  • Assessing your case. He or she will be working inside and outside the courtroom and will understand every detail of your case. He or she interviews the state’s witnesses and/or other potentials witnesses and analyzes crime scenes and police reports. After gathering this information, he or she will determine your chances of acquittal or conviction. It is in his or her hands to plan how to best present your case in court.
  • Handling plea-bargaining. After investigating your case, he or she will determine if accepting the deal will not conflict your best interests and if it’s the right thing to do based on the odds of winning or losing your case. Plea-bargaining is an arrangement between the prosecutor and the defendant where the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge.

Getting prepared if your case goes to trial. Your lawyer will advise you on what he or she thinks is the best option for your case (whether to accept the deal or to go to trial). However, this will solely depend on your choice and decision. If your case goes to trial, the complication will be based on the involvement of the jury or if a single judge will hear the case. If a jury is involved, through voir dire, it is the role of your lawyer to assess how each of the jurors will feel about you and your charges. He or she will be attempting to make a panel that is sympathetic to you. After this, he or she will be presenting evidence and testimonies to win your case.

Quick Tips For Hiring The Right Lawyer

There will be times that you will be facing challenges and during these times, you will be forced to legally defend yourself. So make sure when this happens, you have a competitive and professional lawyer who will defend you. The question is, how will you determine whether you are hiring the right lawyer or not?  Thanks to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) because it offers the following quick tips to help you hire the right lawyer.

  • Know whom you are dealing with. Lawyers have different areas of expertise so be sure that your attorney has a relevant experience and knowledge about your case. Ask family, friends, and other relatives or go check your state or local bar associations for lawyer recommendations.
  • Do your research. Interview multiple lawyers before hiring. Think of it as if you are hiring for your business and you are looking for the right employees. Be sure to ask if there are initial meeting fees (most of them don’t have). Talk to them about your problems in a brief and concise manner. Don’t forget to ask about their experience, fees, your options, what are the odds, limitations of work, and when the problem might be resolved.

  • Understand what you’ve both agreed to. Be sure that you know how often will you be updated, what are the fees for specific services, how often will you be billed, what information should you provide, what your options are, and the total cost for the entire legal service. Be sure that this agreement will be written and recorded to use as future reference.  If there’s something that’s not clear for you, clarify it to your lawyer and be sure that you are comfortable with your lawyer’s approach towards your case.
  • Understand the fees and payment arrangements. Be sure to know if you will be responsible for other fees such as copying of documents, courier services, court filing fees, and/or research services. Your lawyer should explain their fees and know if he or she is charging you reasonably. It is recommended to put this into writing. And here are the payment arrangement:
    • Contingency fees– it is an arrangement where your lawyer gets a percentage of whatever money you receive as a resolution for your case.
    • Flat fee– this is an arrangement where you pay your lawyer for a particular service
    • Hourly rates– this is an arrangement where your final cost will depend on how long it takes to complete the work. Expert and experienced lawyers have higher hourly rate since they can finish tasks more quickly.
    • Retainer– this is an arrangement where you pay your lawyer up front. This fee is usually spent as a down payment on expenses.
    • Public Legal Service– this is an arrangement where you qualify for free or low-cost legal service through special organizations.
    • Prepaid Legal Plans– this is an arrangement like an insurance policy. You will pay a monthly fee so when you need legal services in the future, it will be your insurance company’s responsibility to provide you with it.

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How to Legally Eliminate Half of Your Medical Debt

Medical bills are one of the reasons for bankruptcy. It can cripple your finances and will bring you to a point where you have no more left in your savings.  So before this happens, here are some guidelines to eliminate half (or at most full) of your medical debt.

  • Before anything else, do not ignore your medical debt. The hospital institution will aggressively go after you if you don’t pay your medical bill. So, don’t wait until you get sued.
  • Ask your doctor or your hospital financial counselor if they can give you a discount on your bills. If you have no medical insurance, ask if they can bill you at insurance company rates. These rates are usually lower than your total medical bill. Just be honest and show them that you won’t be able to pay the bill without their help.
  • Review the items on your medical bill. This way you can see and clarify those services or drugs that you think you didn’t receive. This is important as most of these items have unreasonably high charges. Additionally, get rid of the charges of routine supplies like gowns, gloves, or sheets because this is already covered in your daily room charges.

  • Ask the hospital if they have available payment plans. Most of the time, they have. Best case, if you are qualified under the low-income class (those whose income do not exceed 200% of the poverty level), you can avail a special care program or indigent program that will cover all of the cost of your total medical expenses. If your income exceeds this limit, you can apply for the reduced payment plans. Just contact the administration of your hospital to be fully informed about these programs.
  • Let professionals negotiate on your behalf. They will help you talk with the hospital administration to reduce or eliminate your total balance. This way, you can afford to pay your medical bills.
  • If the tips above didn’t help you at all or your medical insurance is not enough to cover your medical bill, declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is considered as an unsecured debt just like a credit card debt. This will greatly help you in eliminating your problem, however, keep in mind that filing bankruptcy will ruin your credit score. So be sure to consult a qualified lawyer to discuss this matter before you take action. They will advise you if filing bankruptcy is a feasible solution to your situation.
  • Your last resort would be getting help through crowd-funding websites. Some of these websites are,,,, and People usually turn into this kind of raising money to help them with their medical expenses. What crowd-funding do is it lets you create a web page for your fundraising drive where donors (they can be your friends, relatives, or even people you don’t know) send their help through their credit cards or online payment services.

Conclusion: There are so many options to legally reduce or eliminate your medical debt, you just have to know who to ask, how to negotiate and when to get help from a professional financial counselor. This way, you can save a lot of cash.