Hire a Good Lawyer For Your Business

When to hire a good lawyer for your business?

People think that hiring an attorney for their business is costly and unnecessary. However, hiring an attorney will help you in many ways like:

  • Structuring your business. This includes deciding whether you’ll choose to be a sole proprietor, in partnership, a corporation, or nonprofit. To fully understand what are the differences between these choices, guidance from a lawyer is very helpful and necessary. They will also help create and/or file the required documents for you.
  • Preparing or working out with a contract. They will advise you on what to do and will ensure that you won’t be entering a business deal which will put your business in peril.
  • Being investigated by the government or environmental groups. The investigation may be because of an employee or a costumer’s claim against you and your business, some tax issues, or environmental issues regarding your business’ waste disposal, etc. All of these are some of the problems that you may encounter while doing business. So hiring a good business lawyer can plan and help you deal with these issues. Hiring a tax attorney can help alleviate some stress as well.
  • Some of the specific services that lawyers will help you in your business are:
  • Supervise issues in franchising and handling regulatory compliance with the government.
  • File tax returns, licenses, and reports.
  • Take legal actions regarding pending and potential issues.
  • Oversee your business
  • Formulate your business’ policies and procedures
  • Create and prepare basic documents such as company’s bylaws and minutes of formal meetings.
  • Acquire or sell the company’s assets

How to find a good lawyer for your business?

First and foremost, find a good attorney for your business even before a problem arises. Treat him or her as one of the key persons in your company so when there’s a problem, you will be assured that you are represented by someone who knows your company well and by someone who will represent your best interests. This will also prevent time pressure and delays that will make the attorney’s work more difficult and more expensive. The following are some tips for finding a good lawyer for your business:

  • Ask your colleagues from the same industry for attorney referrals. Contact them and ask if they could recommend a lawyer who’s familiar with your needs. Try to ask those who have the same issues like yours so they can refer you to someone they have worked with.
  • Call the local office of the bar association or check their website. They will provide you with lists of attorneys or law firms in your local area who have the specialty in the industry your working in.
  • If you know a lawyer, ask him or her for referrals. The attorney you have worked with through other dealings might know someone who has a specialty regarding your business needs. This lawyer will know the reputation of their co-lawyers and will recommend those who can handle your case.

So at this point, you already have your candidate lawyers. Visit each of these lawyers website (nowadays, most of them have a website) to be able to get an idea of the lawyer’s areas of expertise.